Reports and Dashboards

One-click Interactive

Clear insights with

Visual Reports

With a single click you get an interactive report based on your survey. With visuals that provide clear insights in the answers that your respondents provided to your questions.

Segment, filter and

Dig Deeper

Setup segments with filters and combinations of filters and immediately see differences in groups of responses.

Merge visuals with

Visual Crosstabs

Select 2 visuals, click "Merge" and get an entirely new perspective.

Make your visuals

Look Exactly Right

Modify colors, labels and types of charts with a few simple clicks.
To inspire you, we provide beautiful palettes of colors that work well together.

Highlight your insights and

Add Notes

Writing notes with your visuals is as simple as writing them in your favorite text editor.

Inform your audience and

Share Your Report

Share your report with a colleague or customer.

For that important presentation

Export to PowerPoint

Our PowerPoint export is special. We export visuals as vector images so they look great on any screen and on print.

At your desk or on the go

Made For Web and Mobile

Surveywonders works great in your desktop browser and on your tablet.

Designed for impact

Make your research stand out

Bin numeric answers into

Frequency Distributions

So you can quickly see the largest, smallest and most or least important groups of respondents.

Get insights from

Choice Combinations

In multiple choice questions, respondents often select more than one choice. We show you popular choice combinations.

Work with the

Net Promoter Score

See your promotors and detractors without hassle. You can select promoters and detractors in filters.

Quantify short text answers with

Powerful Phrase Analysis

Our text phrase analysis is great for learning how many times certain popular phrases were mentioned.

Get insights from

Multiple Surveys At Once

You can create reports and dashboards based on multiple surveys.

Works great when you repeat the same survey for different audiences or on different times.

Made for Surveymonkey

At your fingertips

For all SurveyMonkey customers

Load SurveyMonkey Data

Get a shared survey data link at SurveyMonkey and Surveywonders turns your survey data in a great report. In seconds.

Learn more about how to get a shared survey data link at SurveyMonkey here.

For paying SurveyMonkey customers

Direct Link With Surveymonkey

Connect your SurveyMonkey account and access all your surveys directly in Surveywonders. Creating reports has never been so easy.


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